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What we do

Long-term focus

What we do

Focus on investment opportunities that provide assymetric returns


    Polo Capital manages clients' capital in various liquid and illiquid mandates, where the common thread is a focus in market segments in which the firm believes to have a tangible competitive advantage and/or there is a notable scarcity of capital, and hence limited competition. The focus is value creation in the long-term.

    The various products seek investment opportunities that provide assymetric returns (meaning that potential gains are larger than potential losses) and low correlation to traditional investments and market indices. The focus is value creation in the long-term.

    The main strategies employed by Polo Capital are:

    Liquid strategies:

    • Event-Driven
    • Macro
    • Multi-Strategy

    Illiquid strategies:

    • Credit
    • Distressed Credit
    • Real Estate
    • Special Situations

    Polo Capital's diversified approach enables the creation of valuable synergies, which enhance the firm's analytical reach and benefit all clients. The group's diversification is a significant long-term competitive advantage.

    Polo Capital is a strong proponent of better transparency and governance in Brazilian companies. In various situations, Polo Capital had an active posture towards defending minority shareholders, with indication of board members in several instances.

    Polo Capital participates in Transparência e Governança.